The Uber App – Travel in Stockholm with a simple touch of a button

Thanks to Stockholm’s safe, punctual and efficient Uber system, you can quickly travel between different locations. Request, ride, and pay via mobile phone!

Founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp, Uber company is a perfect choice for anyone in a search for safe and comfortable transportation. Operating in 67 countries and more than 300 cities, with 4500 employees, it’s easy to conclude that Uber is an extremely successful company, with constant tendency of growth. Its concept is both modern and very clever. By developing the Uber mobile application (the first one of its kind), company offered its customers the unique possibility of submitting a trip request. Whether you’re headed to work, the airport, or out of town, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride – from low-cost to premium – in minutes. Payment is automatic through the app and fares are usually cheaper than a taxi.

How does it works? First you need to download the app and register yourself and your credit / debit card. Then you need to enter your position (pick up location) and destination, and you can order a car. You can also see on the map where the car will pick you up and get an estimate on how long it will take. When you come to desired location there is no need to do anything more than to go out and say thank you to the driver. The payment for the trip is automatically charged from the registered card and a receipt sent via e-mail.

Uber offers three service: Uber X, Uber Black and Uber Lux. What distinguishes services apart is the type of car that you order. Uber X mainly uses cars like the Toyota Prius. Black is typically the Mercedes E-Class, Lux is equivalent to an S-Class. The simpler car, the cheaper the trip.

Uber X has been launched in Paris, London, and major cities around the world, and Stockholm was among the first to get the service.

With the code FASHIONELA you get your first trip free in Stockholm, up to 150 SEK.

Do this:
1. Download the Uber app and sign up
2. Enter the code FASHIONELA when you register your account
3. You are now ready to go!