La Maison Champs Elysées Hotel

Spending a few days in the amazing La Maison Champs Elysées hotel in the heart of Parisian Triangle d’Or was really transcending experience. I mean, how many times you’ve been given the opportunity to enjoy in design cues of legendary Martin Margiela himself? This emblematic designer’s trademark design (minimalism, with dominant usage of white color) is visible throughout the entire hotel, especially in La Maison’s 17 couture suites. I was extremely lucky to be situated in maybe the most Margiela-ish room of them all, the avant-garde White Cover Suite, with remarkable minimalist interior, where the furniture is covered with white linen, as well as the paintings on the walls.

On the hotel tour, I was able to check out the other room-types and suites: Lost Mouldings Suite, Gilded Lounge Suite, White Cover Suite, Curiosity Case Suite, Junior Couture Suite, Junior Couture Suite and Deluxe Couture suite. While I must say that literally everything within La Maison is worth of one’s attention, and that this is definitely a hotel like no other, one particular suite caught my attention a little bit more than the others. Curiosity Case Suit is a sight to behold, with its black-painted walls, black lackquered parquet and mushroom-like details scattered in the corners of the suite. It takes a bold designer to create a marvel like this, a room that is both very luxurious and somewhat disturbing, but definitely in a strange, sexy way. Although I was absolutely thrilled with my own suite with it’s Margiela DNA all around, next time when I check in – there is no doubt that I’ll book this black wonder of Curiosity Case Suit.

Hotel La Maison Champs Elysées is perhaps the most fashionable hotel in the City of lights, and a must-see and visit place for anyone with a soft spot for the works of the iconic Belgian designer.







The display of an encased flamingo and cockatoo


White Cover Suite


White Cover Suite


White Cover Suite


White Cover Suite


White Cover Suite


Curiosity Case Suite


Curiosity Case Suite


Curiosity Case Suite


Curiosity Case Suite


Empire Reception Room
Address: Maison des Centraliens, 8 Rue Jean Goujon, 75008 Paris, France
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